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We specialise in all types of Balustrading, Frameless Glass, Aluminium Framed Balustrades, Semi Frameless Balustrades, Glass Pool Fencing, We offer work in residential or commercial properties.

A safe and properly fitted balustrade, pool fence or gate is a must for residential or commercial buildings. TNA ENGINEERING ensures professionally built and reliable balustrades.

TNA ENGINEERING specialises in the supply and fitting of quality balusters from glass balustrades to stainless steel and metal balustrades.

What’s a Balustrade?

A balustrade is made up of a series of upright posts, or blasters, fixed on a concrete hub or slab, timber beams or steel structure. The balusters maybe be square or circular in section, and may have decorative profiles. They are usually installed outdoors, as railings to a terrace or balcony. They may also be installed indoors, to internal stairs and landings. Balustrades are available in range of durable material, with quality and design in mind.

What we Offer:

We offer quality and specialise in all types of balustrading. Our balustrades will enhance any staircase, patio, or enclosed areas with our expertise and range of designs we can give any home a sense of elegance, space and style.

Overall, we take pride in all sorts of different material balustrading, which include:

  • Steel Balustrades
  • Stainless Steel Balustrades
  • Aluminium Balustrades
  • Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades
  • Frameless Glass Balustrades

What you’ll get from TNA ENGINEERING Balustrading:

Full range of balustrading services
Custom design of glass and aluminium balustrades
High-quality aluminium and glass balustrading
Professional installation of aluminium and glass balustrades